Founder's Message

Founder Growway School

Founder's Message

When the child start the learning at the age of two years, the most important decision for parents is the selection of right pre-school. As per medical science, most of the brain development takes place from 2-5 years of age and it is very critical for child to grow multi-dimensional during this period for strong foundation and overall growth/ development for future.

Our chirpy and colourful corridors attracts the children and motivate to learn & explore everything that his/her curious young mind wishes to, in a loving, caring, encouraging, motivating and a positive learning environment. So, after your child completes the journey of learning at Grow Way, he/she will be fully prepared to in further education and in life.

Your child deserves the best, so I leave this privilege to you to decide for your child. However, the moment your child joins Grow Way, I would be happy to take him/her to a journey which is enjoyable, enriching and rewarding. I look forward to welcoming you to the Grow Way Family!


Founder: Shailendra Gupta