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Run by: Gyan Shikha Educational Society
Registration no.: District Shahdara/Society/02/2012
Approved by GNCT

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• The best place for your kids to learn •

Grow Way is an ideal place for your kids, provides best learning environment and help young minds to grow. Our chirpy & colourful classrooms attract the children to enjoy and explore with learning. We awarded as "Best Preparatory School in Shahdara, Delhi" for 2015.

Our programs focuses on the development of each individual child physically, socially, creatively and intellectually.

Our intellectual programs through toys, puzzles, sand, water, measuring cups and items from nature, and other things the child can touch, feel, see, taste or hear. Staff allows children to interact with environment and act as a resource for information rather than one who gives answers or commands.

They also develop social skills and learn to get over lifts and sulks of life easily. Ample experience for social & dramatic play are provided. Blocks, books, sensory play, manipulatives, outdoor play, dress up and role play opportunities are incorporated into the environment. Social/emotional development is further enhanced when children can choose from a variety of peer play scenarios.

Our physical development program will include many daily opportunities for gross motor development: Climbing, sliding, swimming, playing with balls, jumping & tri-cycling as well as activities that include elements of balance, coordination, strength & endurance. Perpetual motor development activities include: Music & movement, dancing, Eye-hand coordination activities such as lacing, emotions, size, shapes & colours.

We recognise the importance of Co-curricular activities, the school helps in developing the latent talent of the child to blossom through various activities. The school arranges frequent visits to place of interest in Delhi & NCR region in order to provide an all-round development of the children.

About Growway School

Growway School has awarded as Best Pre School in East Delhi, Shahdara in 2016 for its best education and home friendly enironment.
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99.5% of the parents are happy with our methodology, teaching techniques, activites and envoirnment we provide to growing minds.
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