Run by: Gyan Shikha Educational Society
Registration no.: District Shahdara/Society/02/2012
Approved by GNCT
Highlights of October (2019 - 20)

On Dated: 21-Nov-2019

* 02-10-2019 (Wednesday) will be holiday due to Gandhi Jayanti. * Dussehra Celebration will be on 05-10-2019 (Saturday) for Classes Playway to K.G. * P.T.M will be held on 05-10-2019 (Saturday) for classes 1st to 5th. * 06-10-2019 to 08-10-2019 will be holiday on the occasion of Dusshera. * P.T.M will be held on 12-10-2019 (Saturday) for classes Playway to K.G. * Diwali celebration will be on 26-10-2019 (Saturday). * The school will remain closed from 27-10-2019 to 29-10-2019 on the occasion of Diwali. School will reopen on 30-10-2019 (Wednesday).